Who we are


PayDo is an Italian fintech start-up that, at the end of 2016, grew out of an idea of Donato Vadruccio, who developed a service offering evolving continuously in support of Banks, Electronic Money and Payment Institutions throughout Europe and the final customer with the goal of enhancing the payment experience by promoting the centrality of the bank account. In fact, PayDo’s ambition is to imagine a different future: a new idea of fintech that does not disintermediate Lending Institutions but rather collaborates with them, to provide cutting-edge opportunities and services to the final customer. Plick® came out of the initial idea of revolutionising the experience of using cheques; it consists of a system that allows unlimited amounts of money to be sent irrevocably to anyone anywhere in Europe if the payer knows only the payee’s e-mail address or telephone number, without having to worry about whether the payee’s bank has Plick.



“PayDo’s goals are extremely ambitious, and have grown out of the great success and increasing interest that Plick continues to generate as it grows: from the idea, to development, until finally launching on the market. We want to expand the network of the banks in the leading Italian and European banking groups, making Plick a solution that is available to the largest number of individuals for both private and business payments. We know that what count are the individuals, their desires and their daily experiences, and thus our goal is to make achieving each project easy and fast … as quick as a Plick!” Donato Vadruccio – Founder & CEO, PayDo S.p.a.



The PayDo team is made up exclusively of professionals from the banking and consulting world, all with experience in payment systems, innovation and technology. PayDo also benefits from the experience and expertise of many partners, including PwC and Cedacri, by drawing on their primary capabilities, the core business of those partners. Lastly, PayDo is a partner of the leading industry associations, such as Fintech.

The team

Donato Vadruccio

Founder e Chief Executive Officer

Paolo Zanni

Chief Operating Officer

Fabio Chiurazzi

Head of Product Development

Eugenio Catalano

Chief Technology Officer

Imran Muhammad

Software Engineer

Beatrice Dallera

Project Manager

Diego Tremolizzo

Senior Project Manager

Massimiliano Sicilia

Software Engineer

Paolo Fasoli

Software Engineer

Leonardo Preti

Cyber Security Manager

Giorgia Nicolini

Project Manager

Camilla Caserta

Junior Analyst

Valerio Iachini

Software Engineer

Our offices

PayDo’s offices are located at Le Village in Corso di Porta Romana 61, Milan.

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